Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another one bites the dust!

Well another relationship is over, it seems we werent entirely suited so best we found out soon. although 8 weeks is a long time and i did hold out on falling for him till maybe 7 weeks in but he was such a nice person I have no ill feelings towards him. I wished him all the best and thank him for being so honest. Some guys just dont bother they either just say its over or they just stop calling.

I have been out doing some reatil therapy and catching up with my freinds and am just making my soical diary very busy and having a break from realtionships for a while. I do have a good freind whom I love in a good freind kind of way, just wish i was 6 years younger but thats ok, he will make someone a good partner husband and I am glad to have him as a freind. He has as much luck with relationships as me so he understands where im at.

I will be out on Saturday night with some freinds at a pub and then sunday night im meeting a new social group at another pub for a night of jazz, that should be interesting.


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